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SHARP Double Dome GM2BB

SHARP Double Dome GM2BB

  • SHARP LED chip SMD DoubleDome
  • Double Dome 0.5W (3 cubes) - CRI 80 (Min.) - RJC = 25 K / W
  • GM2BB65QK0C 6500K 82Ra
  • GM2BB57QK0C 5700K 82Ra
  • GM2BB50QK0C 5000K 82Ra
  • GM2BB45QK0C 4500K 82Ra
  • GM2BB40QK0C 4000K 82Ra
  • GM2BB35QK0C 3500K 82Ra
  • GM2BB30QK0C 3000K 82Ra
  • GM2BB27QK0C 2700K 82Ra
  • Double Dome 0.3W (2 cubes) - CRI 80 (Min.) - RJC = 33 K / W
  • GM2BB65QKAC 6500K 82Ra
  • GM2BB57QKAC 5700K 82Ra
  • GM2BB50QKAC 5000K 82Ra
  • GM2BB45QKAC 4500K 82Ra
  • GM2BB40QKAC 4000K 82Ra
  • GM2BB35QKAC 3500K 82Ra
  • GM2BB30QKAC 3000K 82Ra
  • GM2BB27QKAC 2700K 82Ra
  • Double Dome 0.2W (1 cube) - CRI 80 (Min.) - RJC = 65 K / W
  • GM2BB65QK1C 6500K 82Ra
  • GM2BB57QK1C 5700K 82Ra
  • GM2BB50QK1C 5000K 82Ra
  • GM2BB45QK1C 4500K 82Ra
  • GM2BB40QK1C 4000K 82Ra
  • GM2BB35QK1C 3500K 82Ra
  • GM2BB30QK1C 3000K 82Ra
  • GM2BB27QK1C 2700K 82Ra
SHARP LED chip SMD DoubleDome

The DoubleDome
Special Double Dome LED family from Sharp provides a high intensity white LED option for area and strip lighting solutions where linear lighting is desired. The subtle light output cuts down on possible glare compared to higher power LEDs. A small (2.8 mm × 2.8 mm × 1.9 mm) surface-mount footprint provides ease of new installation.Sharp die DoubleDome is ideally require more Blend avoidance applications. It also offers a unique, energy-saving option for the fittings, which provide a number of LEDs in a line (ie LED "tube-style" lighting) .0.3W - 0.5W Double Domes integrate two LED chip in each package and are designed for elegant lighting solutions with medium brightness. The 0.8W DoubleDome integrated three LED die to achieve higher lumen output for maximum brightness.

The Double Dome can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting, in applications such as commercial lighting, office lighting, standby lighting and specialty lighting. Some applications are:
Architectural lighting
Channel letter
Accent and Edge Lighting
Refrigerator case lighting

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