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  • SBT-90-Red LEDs consist of individual Red emitter in surface mount packages that produce very high lumen output from a single monolithic chip with flat window. RED LED offer a unique  9 mm2 square shape emitter.
  • Features:
  • • Extremely high optical output Red LEDs: Typ.1500 lumens at 9A
  • • High thermal conductivity package - junction to case thermal resistance of only
  • 0.5 °C/W
  • • Large, monolithic chip with uniform emitting area of 9 mm2
  • • Environmentally friendly: RoHS compliant
  • • Variable drive currents: less than 1 A through 18 A continuous waveform
  • • High reliability
  • • Electrically isolated thermal path
  • Applications
  • Entertainment spot/wash lighting
  • Architectural spot/wash lighting
  • Fiber coupled illumination
  • Beacons and obstruction Lighting
  • Machine vision and strobing applications
  • • Machine vision
  • • High-output strobing applications
  • • Beacons, obstruction lighting
  • • Industrial Applications
  • • Consumer Portable
  • • Medical Lighting
  • • Emergency Vehicle Lighting
  • • Displays and Signage
  • • High-output, directional transportation lighting
  • • Search Light


Dominant Wavelength Chip Emitting Area Package Type & Dimensions Drive Current Typical Lumen range
Red: 615-627nm 3.0mm x 3.0mm SMT, 10.0mm x 11.0mm 13.5A 600-1350 lumens
Green: 520-540nm 3.0mm Ø (7.0mm2) SMT, 10.0mm x 11.0mm 10.5A 1500-2600 lumens
Blue: 435-455nm
3.0mm Ø (7.0mm2) SMT, 10.0mm x 11.0mm 10.5A 120-250 lumens

Products      Ordering Part Number     Description
SBT-90-W65S SBT-90-W65S-F71-XX123  SBT-90-WDLS SBT-90-WDLS-F71-XX123   White Big Chip LED™ SBT-90 surface mount device consisting of a 9 mm2 LED on a ceramic subtrate, tray pack.
SBR-90-W65S SBR-90-W65S-R71-XX123 SBR-90-WDLS SBR-90-WDLS-R71-XX123   SBR-90 evaluation module consisting of a SBT-90 surface mount device mounted on an aluminum star-board.
SBT-90-R SBT-90-R-F75-xx123  SBT-90 surface mount device consisting of a 9.0 mm2  LED on ceramic substrate.
SBR-90-R SBR-90-R-R75-xx123 SBR-90 evaluation module consisting of a SBT-90 surface mount device mounted on an aluminum star board
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