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  • Luminus is an industry leader in providing ground-breaking LED solutions that are enabling new markets and applications for solid-state illumination. Luminus LEDs are ideal for demanding applications that require maximum lumen density, efficiency and reliability.
  • The revolutionary CBT-140 has a round emitting area, which is ideal for systems defined by an optical architecture with a circular aperture.
  • Features:
  • • Extremely high optical output from a14 mm2 circular source: Up to 5,000 white lumens
  • • Round emitting aperture provides most efficient match to circular optical systems and narrow beam projectors
  • • Unencapsulated package preserves small etendue facilitating narrow beam optical system design
  • • Chip on board package assures straightforward system assembly with the best possible thermal performance for high power devices.
  • • Integrated thermistor enables consistent temperature monitoring during operation for high system reliability
  • • High thermal conductivity package - junction to heat sink thermal resistance less than 0.25°C/W
  • • Variable drive current: 1 A to 28A
  • • High CRI (92 typical) Daylight color temperatures for natural lighting
  • • Environmentally friendly: RoHS compliant
  • Applications
  • • Architectural and Entertainment
  • Lighting
  • • Fiber-coupled Illumination
  • • Medical Lighting
  • • Machine Vision
  • • Microscopy
  • • Spot Lighting


Active (WCS, WDH color points) ; WTH color point discontinued
Max Lumens Color Input Power Max Drive

5,600K(WDH) 6500K(WCS)

50W - 75W  21A

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