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Bridgelux Décor Class A: Vero 10, Vero 13, Vero 18, Vero 29

Bridgelux Décor Class A: Vero 10, Vero 13, Vero 18, Vero 29

  • Décor Class A Vero 10, VERO 13, VERO 18, VERO 29
  • Décor 10 Class A BXRC-30A1001-B-23 3000K 93Ra.
  • Décor 10 Class A BXRC-35A1001-B-23 3500K 93Ra.
  • Décor 10 Class A BXRC-40A1001-B-23 4000K 93Ra.
  • Décor 13 Class A BXRC-30A2001-C-23 3000K 93Ra.
  • Décor 13 Class A BXRC-35A2001-C-23 3500K 93Ra.
  • Décor 13 Class A BXRC-40A2001-C-23 4000K 93Ra.
  • Décor 18 Class A BXRC-30A4001-F-23 3000K 93Ra.
  • Décor 18 Class A BXRC-35A4001-F-23 3500K 93Ra.
  • Décor 18 Class A BXRC-40A4001-F-23 4000K 93Ra.
  • Décor 29 Class A BXRC-30A10K1-L-23 3000K 93Ra.
  • Décor 29 Class A BXRC-35A10K1-L-23 3500K 93Ra.
  • Décor 29 Class A BXRC-40A10K1-L-23 4000K 93Ra.
Bridgelux Décor Class A Vero 10, VERO 13, VERO 18, VERO 29

Bridgelux® Décor Series™ Class A products are a revolutionary advancement in lighting designed to match how humans perceive and prefer light. The Class A specification was created by the Lighting Research Center (LRC) behavior studies in conjunction with Bridgelux and other ASSIST members. Based on human factor response testing, the Décor Series Class A products provide vibrant, natural and brilliant looking light, evoking an emotional attraction and response. The Décor Series Class A products were developed for high-end retail, museum, architectural, premium building and hospitality applications. Bridgelux Décor Series Class A products are available on all Vero form factors. The Vero platform has been engineered with advanced connectivity options and can operate over a broad current range, enabling multiple degrees of flexibility in luminaire design optimization.


CRI options: Typical 97 CRI with a 95 CRI minimum (Décor Series™ Ultra)

Application-specific color points

R9 value: Typical 98 for brilliant rendering of red colors and skin tones (Décor Series Ultra)

Color control: 2 and 3 SDCM

Reliable operation at up to two times nominal drive current

Radial die pattern and improved lumen density

Thermally isolated solder pads

Onboard connector port

Top-side part number markings

10-year limited warranty


State-of-the-art color rendering for high-end interior applications

Flexibility for application-driven lighting design requirements

High-quality true color reproduction

Uniform, consistent white light

Flexibility in design optimization

Improved optical control

Enhanced ease of use and manufacturability

Solderless connectivity enables plug and play installation and field upgradability

Improved inventory management and quality control


Bridgelux Décor Series is built on our flagship Vero® Series platform. With unmatched light quality and application-specific color points, Décor Series LEDs offer attractive and practical solutions for industries with unique, high-quality and demanding requirements.

Décor Series Class A--- is based on human response testing, providing color points with a combined GAI and CRI metric.

Décor Series Ultra---- offers a high CRI of 97, which emphasizes the reds and color tones to which the human eye is most receptive.  Décor Series Ultra is also a good replacement for halogen.

Décor Series™ Food---- offers a 1750K CCT off the blackbody curve for the Décor Series™ Meat and Deli array, and 2500K CCT for the Décor Series™ Bread and Bakery array.

Décor Series ™ Specialty---- has a 5600K cool white color point that delivers clean, white light enhanced with a CRI of 90 for outstanding color rendering.



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