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CREE XLamp MHD-E High Power Ceramic LED Chip

CREE XLamp MHD-E High Power Ceramic LED Chip

  • CREE XLamp MHD-E High Power Ceramic LED Chip
  • Size 7 x 7 mm
  • Product Options 9 V 
  • 18 V 
  • 36 V 
  • High-CRI
  • Maximum Drive Current 1.4 A (9 V)
  • 0.7 A (18 V)
  • 0.35 A (36 V)
  • Maximum Power 13 W
  • Maximum Light Output 1807 lm @ 14 W
  • Typical Forward Voltage 9.1 V @ 800mA (9 V)
  • 18.2 V @ 400mA (18 V)
  • 36.3 V @ 200 mA (36 V)
  • Viewing Angle 115 °
  • Binning 85°C
  • 2- 3- and 5-Step EasyWhite®
  • Thermal Resistance 3.2 °C/W
  • Reflow Solderable Yes - JEDEC J-STD-020C-compatible
  • UL-Recognized Yes - Level 4 Enclosure Consideration
CREE XLamp MHD-E High Power Ceramic LED Chip


New category of LED arrays to achieve lowest system cost

The XLamp® MHD-E LED is a new category of high-power LED arrays that delivers a better way to achieve low-cost systems than multiple mid-power (MP) LEDs. Built using Cree’s high-reliability ceramic-package technology, the XLamp MHD-E is able to operate at higher temperatures than MP LEDs with no reduction in rated lifetime, enabling an impressive 60% reduction in heat-sink size and cost. Using many times fewer LEDs than MP LEDs to achieve the same performance, the XLamp MHD-E LED is optimized to simplify LED system designs for directional and semi-directional applications.

CRI Color Temperature (K)
Min 70  
Min 80
Min 90


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