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  • CITIZEN COB Series VIVID Type 2015
  • CLU024-1204B8-32GV1F6 Warm Plus - 95Ra.
  • CLU024-1204B8-34GV1F6 Warm - 95Ra.
  • CLU024-1204B8-42GV1F6 White - 94Ra.
  • CLU024-1204B8-LPGV1F7 Light Pink - 65Ra.
  • CLU034-1206B8-32GV1F6 Warm Plus - 95Ra.
  • CLU034-1206B8-34GV1F6 Warm - 95Ra.
  • CLU034-1206B8-42GV1F6 White - 94Ra.
  • CLU034-1206B8-LPGV1F7 Light Pink -65Ra.
  • CLU034-1208B8-32GV1F6 Warm Plus - 95Ra.
  • CLU034-1208B8-34GV1F6 Warm - 95Ra.
  • CLU034-1208B8-42GV1F6 White - 94Ra.
  • CLU034-1208B8-LPGV1F7 Light Pink - 65Ra.
  • CLU044-1212B8-32GV1F6 Warm Plus - 95Ra.
  • CLU044-1212B8-34GV1F6 Warm - 95Ra.
  • CLU044-1212B8-42GV1F6 White - 94Ra.
  • CLU044-1212B8-LPGV1F7 Light Pink - 65Ra.
  • CLU044-1812B8-32GV1F6 Warm Plus - 95Ra.
  • CLU044-1812B8-34GV1F6 Warm - 95Ra.
  • CLU044-1812B8-42GV1F6 White - 94Ra.
  • CLU044-1812B8-LPGV1F7 Light Pink - 65Ra.
CITIZEN COB Series VIVID Type 2015

In addition to the high color rendering LEDs aimed at making the color of objects more faithful, the demands on high chromatic LEDs targeted for making objects more vivid are increasing.
These new products are the most suitable for the applications that place emphasis on the appearance of commercial products such as for store lighting, and lighting for sign boards.
Citizen Electronics has developed high chromatic LEDs that enable the vivid appearance of objects by selecting LED dice or phosphor and tuning the light emitting spectrum.
LED dice are placed to generate uniform light in consideration of optimizing the light distribution design of luminaires.

Mechanical Dimensions : 
CLU024: 13.5 x 13.5 x 1.4 (mm). 
CLU034: 19.0 x 19.0 x 1.4 (mm).
CLU044: 28.0 x 28.0 x 1.4 (mm).

Package Structure : Aluminum Base Chip on Board
Reference Assembly : M3 screw, Connector
Color : Warm Plus, Warm, White, Light Pink
Thermal Resistance : 1.4C/W
Maximum drive current : 720mA, 1080mA, 1440mA, 2160mA,  2160mA.

UL recognized component (E358566)
RoHS compliant
Better die arrangement for optics
Wide range of luminous flux and high efficacy
Improved lumen density compared with previous version.

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