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  • CITIZEN COB 2014 VERSION 3 CRI 80Ra,70Ra,90Ra,97Ra
  • 0303 1201 1202 1203 1204 1205 1206 1208 1212 1812 1818 1825 3618
  • CLU024-1201B8-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
  • CLU024-1201B8-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1201B8-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
  • CLU024-1201B8-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1201B8-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1201B8-30AL7C8| 3000K 70RA
  • CLU024-1201B8-40AL7C8| 4000K 70RA
  • CLU024-1201B8-50AL7C8| 5000K 70RA
  • CLU024-1202B8-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
  • CLU024-1202B8-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1202B8-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
  • CLU024-1202B8-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1202B8-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1202B8-30AL7C8| 3000K 70RA
  • CLU024-1202B8-40AL7C8| 4000K 70RA
  • CLU024-1202B8-50AL7C8| 5000K 70RA
  • CLU024-1203B8-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
  • CLU024-1203B8-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1203B8-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
  • CLU024-1203B8-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1203B8-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1203B8-30AL7C8| 3000K 70RA
  • CLU024-1203B8-40AL7C8| 4000K 70RA
  • CLU024-1203B8-50AL7C8| 5000K 70RA
  • CLU024-1204B8-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
  • CLU024-1204B8-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1204B8-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
  • CLU024-1204B8-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1204B8-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
  • CLU024-1204B8-30AL7C8| 3000K 70RA
  • CLU024-1204B8-40AL7C8| 4000K 70RA
  • CLU024-1204B8-50AL7C8| 5000K 70RA
  • CLU034-1205B8-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
  • CLU034-1205B8-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
  • CLU034-1205B8-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
  • CLU034-1205B8-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
  • CLU034-1205B8-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
  • CLU034-1205B8-30AL7C8| 3000K 70RA
  • CLU034-1205B8-40AL7C8| 4000K 70RA
  • CLU034-1205B8-50AL7C8| 5000K 70RA
  • CLU034-1206B8-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
  • CLU034-1206B8-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
  • CLU034-1206B8-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
  • CLU034-1206B8-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
  • CLU034-1206B8-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
  • CLU034-1206B8-30AL7C8| 3000K 70RA
  • CLU034-1206B8-40AL7C8| 4000K 70RA
  • CLU034-1206B8-50AL7C8| 5000K 70RA
  • CLU034-1208B8-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
  • CLU034-1208B8-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
  • CLU034-1208B8-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
  • CLU034-1208B8-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
  • CLU034-1208B8-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
  • CLU034-1208B8-30AL7C8| 3000K 70RA
  • CLU034-1208B8-40AL7C8| 4000K 70RA
  • CLU034-1208B8-50AL7C8| 5000K 70RA
    CLU025-0303B8 Size (mm) 13.5 x 13.5 x 1.4  Power Max. 5.5W 540mA
    CLU024-1201B8 Size (mm) 13.5 x 13.5 x 1.4  Power Max. 7.4W 180mA
    CLU024-1202B8 Size (mm) 13.5 x 13.5 x 1.4  Power Max. 14.8W 360mA
    CLU024-1203B8 Size (mm) 13.5 x 13.5 x 1.4  Power Max. 22.3W 540mA
    CLU024-1204B8 Size (mm) 13.5 x 13.5 x 1.4  Power Max. 29.7W 720mA
    CLU034-1205B8 Size (mm) 19.0 x 19.0 x 1.4  Power Max. 37.2W 900mA
    CLU034-1206B8 Size (mm) 19.0 x 19.0 x 1.4  Power Max. 44.6W 1080mA
    CLU034-1208B8 Size (mm) 19.0 x 19.0 x 1.4  Power Max. 59.5W 1440mA
    CLU044-1212B8 Size (mm) 28.0 x 28.0 x 1.4  Power Max. 89.3W 2160mA
    CLU044-1812B8 Size (mm) 28.0 x 28.0 x 1.4  Power Max. 134W 2160mA
    CLU044-1818B8 Size (mm) 28.0 x 28.0 x 1.4  Power Max. 128W 2160mA
    CLU054-1825B8 Size (mm) 38.0 x 38.0 x 1.4  Power Max. 177.9W 3000mA
    CLU054-3618B8 Size (mm) 38.0 x 38.0 x 1.4  Power Max. 256.2W 2160mA
    CITIZEN COB 2014 VERSION 3. CRI 80Ra 70Ra 90Ra 97Ra (CONTINUED)

CLU044-1212B8-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
CLU044-1212B8-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
CLU044-1212B8-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
CLU044-1212B8-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
CLU044-1212B8-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
CLU044-1212B8-30AL7C8| 3000K 70RA
CLU044-1212B8-40AL7C8| 4000K 70RA
CLU044-1212B8-50AL7C8| 5000K 70RA

CLU044-1812B8-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
CLU044-1812B8-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
CLU044-1812B8-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
CLU044-1812B8-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
CLU044-1812B8-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
CLU044-1812B8-30AL7C8| 3000K 70RA
CLU044-1812B8-40AL7C8| 4000K 70RA
CLU044-1812B8-50AL7C8| 5000K 70RA

CLU044-1818B8-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
CLU044-1818B8-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
CLU044-1818B8-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
CLU044-1818B8-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
CLU044-1818B8-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
CLU044-1818B8-30AL7C8| 3000K 70RA
CLU044-1818B8-40AL7C8| 4000K 70RA
CLU044-1818B8-50AL7C8| 5000K 70RA

CLU054-1825B8-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
CLU054-1825B8-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
CLU054-1825B8-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
CLU054-1825B8-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
CLU054-1825B8-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
CLU054-1825B8-30AL7C8| 3000K 70RA
CLU054-1825B8-40AL7C8| 4000K 70RA
CLU054-1825B8-50AL7C8| 5000K 70RA

CLL022 series 90RA                                                 
CLL022-1202A5-273H3D2| 2700K 90Ra
CLL022-1202A5-303H3D2| 3000K 90Ra
CLL022-1202A5-353H3D2| 3500K 90Ra
CLL022-1202A5-403H3D3| 4000K 90Ra

CLL022-1203A5-273H3D2| 2700K 90Ra
CLL022-1203A5-303H3D2| 3000K 90Ra
CLL022-1203A5-353H3D2| 3500K 90Ra
CLL022-1203A5-403H3D3| 4000K 90Ra

CLL022-1204A5-273H3D2| 2700K 90Ra
CLL022-1204A5-303H3D2| 3000K 90Ra
CLL022-1204A5-353H3D2| 3500K 90Ra
CLL022-1204A5-403H3D3| 4000K 90Ra

CLL032-1205A5-273H3D2| 2700K 90RA
CLL032-1205A5-303H3D2| 3000K 90RA
CLL032-1205A5-353H3D2| 3500K 90RA
CLL032-1205A5-403H3D3| 4000K 90RA

CLL032-1206A5-273H3D2| 2700K 90RA
CLL032-1206A5-303H3D2| 3000K 90RA
CLL032-1206A5-353H3D2| 3500K 90RA
CLL032-1206A5-403H3D3| 4000K 90RA

CLL032-1208A5-273H3D2| 2700K 90RA
CLL032-1208A5-303H3D2| 3000K 90RA
CLL032-1208A5-353H3D2| 3500K 90RA
CLL032-1208A5-403H3D3| 4000K 90RA

CLL032-1212A5-273H3D2| 2700K 90RA
CLL032-1212A5-303H3D2| 3000K 90RA
CLL032-1212A5-353H3D2| 3500K 90RA
CLL032-1212A5-403H3D3| 4000K 90RA

CLL042-1218A5-273H3D2| 2700K 90RA
CLL042-1218A5-303H3D2| 3000K 90RA
CLL042-1218A5-353H3D2| 3500K 90RA
CLL042-1218A5-403H3D3| 4000K 90RA

CLL042-1818A5-273H3D2| 2700K 90RA
CLL042-1818A5-303H3D2| 3000K 90RA
CLL042-1818A5-353H3D2| 3500K 90RA
CLL042-1818A5-403H3D3| 4000K 90RA

BBL SERIES --Below Black Body Line  High CRI      

CLL032-1206A5-273H6D2| 2700K 90RA
CLL032-1206A5-303H6D2| 3000K 90RA
CLL032-1206A5-353H6D2| 3500K 90RA
CLL032-1212A5-273H6D2| 2700K 90RA
CLL032-1212A5-303H6D2| 3000K 90RA
CLL032-1212A5-353H6D2| 3500K 90RA

CLL042-1218A5-273H6D2| 2700K 90RA
CLL042-1218A5-303H6D2| 3000K 90RA
CLL042-1218A5-353H6D2| 3500K 90RA

ULTRA HIGH CRI 97Ra                                           

CLL022-1204A5-273H7E1| 2700K 97RA
CLL022-1204A5-303H7E1| 3000K 97RA
CLL022-1204A5-403H7E1| 4000K 97RA

CLL032-1212A5-273H7E1| 2700K 97RA
CLL032-1212A5-303H7E1| 3000K 97RA
CLL032-1212A5-403H7E1| 4000K 97RA

CLL042-1818A5-273H7E1| 2700K 97RA
CLL042-1818A5-303H7E1| 3000K 97RA
CLL042-1818A5-403H7E1| 4000K 97RA

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