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CITIZEN CLL032- 1205 1206 1208 1212 COB LEDCITIZEN CLL032- 1205 1206 1208 1212 COB LED

CITIZEN CLL032- 1205 1206 1208 1212 COB LED

  • CITIZEN COB LED CHIP CLL032 SERIES 1205 1206 1208 1212
  • CLL032-1205A5-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
  • CLL032-1205A5-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1205A5-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
  • CLL032-1205A5-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1205A5-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1205A5-50KL1A1| 5000K 65RA|
  • CLL032-1206A5-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
  • CLL032-1206A5-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1206A5-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
  • CLL032-1206A5-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1206A5-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1206A5-50KL1A1| 5000K 65RA|
  • CLL032-1208A5-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
  • CLL032-1208A5-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1208A5-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
  • CLL032-1208A5-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1208A5-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1208A5-50KL1A1| 5000K 65RA|
  • CLL032-1212A5-273M1A2| 2700K 80RA
  • CLL032-1212A5-303M1A2| 3000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1212A5-353M1A2| 3500K 80RA
  • CLL032-1212A5-403M1A2| 4000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1212A5-503M1A2| 5000K 80RA
  • CLL032-1212A5-50KL1A1| 5000K 65RA|
CITIZEN COB LED CHIP CLL032 SERIES 1205 1206 1208 1212
CITIZEN ELECTRONICS has been seek the highest levelof brightness and efficacy in the LED industry. In addition, we have endeavored to work out technical solutions for many years. Through our advanced manufacturing technique and packaging technology, Citizen Electronics' COB high-wattage series product will bring you a lighting space full of delight and beauty.
Low Wattage Series
Linear, rectangular, spiral; our smallest LED components enable us to create and design new LED lighting as you desire. Our surface mounted low wattage LEDs aim at providing LED lighting that is more exciting, cater better to our lifestyles, and inspire luminaire designers with fantastic ideas.

Luminous flux and luminous efficacy has been improved by 15 to 33 % and 15 to 38 % respectively over those of the conventional models. 
You can replace LEDs of the “COB Series, Version 1” with LEDs of the “COB Series, Version 2” as the Version 2 inherits package sizes, shapes and electric circuits of the Version 1. 
LED dice are placed to generate uniform light in consideration of optimizing the light distribution design of luminaires. 
The product lineup covers a wide range of luminous flux. 
The products have reduced variation in the chromaticity range and they are compliant with 3-step MacAdam ellipses. 
We provide three types of high color rendering products pursuing quality of light: "Ra 90 on B.B.L.*," "Ra 90 below B.B.L.*" and "Ra 97." 
* B.B.L.: stands for Black Body Locus. 
You can search out LEDs suitable for your needs through use of a selection tool.

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