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Bridgelux V10B V10C GEN 7 COB LED

Bridgelux V10B V10C GEN 7 COB LED

  • Product: V10B Gen 7; V10C Gen 7
  • CCT Range: 2700K-6500K; 3 and 4 SDCM
  • CRI 70, 80, 90
  • LES: 10mm
  • Drive Current: 270mA; 360mA
  • Typical Voltage: 35V
  • Efficacy:(3000k 80CRI)152lm/W.
  • Typical Flux: 1447lm; 1928lm
Bridgelux V10B V10C GEN 7 COB LED Series, delivers high-quality light in small, cost-efficient form factors. V10 Series can be mounted with screws or low-cost holders that are compatible with many optics and reflectors. 

BXRE-27E1000-B-7X 2700K CCT
BXRE-27E1000-C-7X 2700K CCT
BXRE-27G1000-B-7X 2700K CCT
BXRE-27G1000-C-7X 2700K CCT
BXRE-30E1000-B-7X 3000K CCT
BXRE-30E1000-C-7X 3000K CCT
BXRE-30G1000-B-7X 3000K CCT
BXRE-30G1000-C-7X 3000K CCT
BXRE-35E1000-B-7X 3500K CCT
BXRE-35E1000-C-7X 3500K CCT
BXRE-35G1000-B-7X 3500K CCT
BXRE-35G1000-C-7X 3500K CCT
BXRE-40E1000-B-7X 4000K CCT
BXRE-40E1000-C-7X 4000K CCT
BXRE-40G1000-B-7X 4000K CCT
BXRE-40G1000-C-7X 4000K CCT
BXRE-50C1001-B-74 5000K CCT
BXRE-50C1001-C-74 5000K CCT
BXRE-50E1001-B-74 5000K CCT
BXRE-50E1001-C-74 5000K CCT
BXRE-50G1001-B-74 5000K CCT
BXRE-50G1001-C-74 5000K CCT
BXRE-57C1001-B-74 5700K CCT
BXRE-57C1001-C-74 5700K CCT
BXRE-57E1001-B-74 5700K CCT
BXRE-57E1001-C-74 5700K CCT
BXRE-65C1001-B-74 6500K CCT
BXRE-65C1001-C-74 6500K CCT
BXRE-65E1001-B-74 6500K CCT
BXRE-65E1001-C-74 6500K CCT

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