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Bridgelux 3030 SMD LED 1W

Bridgelux 3030 SMD LED 1W

  • Bridgelux 3030SMD LED
  • Product 3030, 1W
  • CCT Range 2700K-6500K
  • CRI 70Ra 80Ra 90RA
  • Luminous Flux 123lm (3000K 80 CRI)
  • Forward Voltage 6.3V
  • Forward Current 150mA
  • Dimmensions 3.0x3.0x0.52mm

Product CCT Range CRI(3000K,80CRI) Flux Forward Voltage Forward Current Dimmensions 

BXEM-27C0000-0-000 2700K
BXEM-27E0000-0-000 2700K
BXEM-27G0000-0-000 2700K
BXEM-30C0000-0-000 3000K
BXEM-30E0000-0-000 3000K
BXEM-30G0000-0-000 3000K
BXEM-35C0000-0-000 3500K
BXEM-35E0000-0-000 3500K 
BXEM-35G0000-0-000 3500K 
BXEM-40C0000-0-000 4000K
BXEM-40E0000-0-000 4000K
BXEM-40G0000-0-000 4000K
BXEM-50C0000-0-000 5000K
BXEM-50E0000-0-000 5000K
BXEM-50G0000-0-000 5000K
BXEM-57C0000-0-000 5700K
BXEM-57E0000-0-000 5700K
BXEM-57G0000-0-000 5700K
BXEM-65C0000-0-000 6500K
BXEM-65E0000-0-000 6500K
BXEM-65G0000-0-000 6500K

Bridgelux SMD LED products offer exceptional performance and color quality all in a highly reliable, cost effective, compact package.  These LEDs offer high quality light in a wide range of CCT and CRI options, and are well suited for both commercial and residential lighting applications.  Our SMD products come in industry standard package sizes and follow ANSI binning standards allowing for seamless design in.

Our SMD products provide the superior quality of light and reliability Bridgelux is known for all within a compact package.  These LEDs are optimized for the most cost sensitive applications, helping to ensure highly competitive system lumen per dollar performance while addressing the stringent efficacy and reliability standards required for modern lighting applications.  

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