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Most Popular LEDs Around the World - Brief Introduction to Their Performances

  • Author:Chen
  • Source:www.rugged.hk
  • Release on :2016-04-15
Here we are presenting you the most popular LEDs all around the world, with a brief introduction to their product performances.

CREE CXA2 STUDIO, a second generation CXA COB LED, power up 130W. ultra high CRI for studio lighting.

CREE CXA2 XLamp series includes CXB3590 STUDIO, XLamp CXB1304, XLamp CXB1310, XLamp CXB1507, XLamp CXB1512, XLamp CXB1520, XLamp CXB1816, XLamp CXB1820,  XLamp CXB1830, XLamp CXB2530,  XLamp CXB2540, XLamp CXB3050, XLamp CXB3070, XLamp CXB3590. CXB series Second Generation of CXA LED Arrays deliver up to 33% higher efficacy than the first generation in the same LES. The higher performance CXA2 LED Arrays allow lighting manufacturers to achieve the same or better performance with a smaller LES, enabling a radical reduction in system size and cost. CXA2 LED Arrays share the same physical design as the previous generation, allowing lighting manufacturers to leverage the existing optical, mechanical and electrical design elements to accelerate time to market without additional cost.

CITIZEN COB LED CLU058 is latest high power COB that can be massproduced. It has very high power up to 526W and 150LM/W.

CITIZEN VIVID LED series COB LED is designed for special lighting application like 3200K Warm Plus  95Ra, 3400K Warm White 95Ra, 4200K White 94Ra, and LPGV1F7 Light Pink 65Ra.

LUMINUS DEVICES, XNOVA COB LED series CXM14 is a 14MM LES(light emitting surface) for 25W, 30W, application for commercial lighting.

CREE CXB3070 is a upgrade version for CXA3070 COB LED, it has high lumen/W. Suitable for 100W quality lamps.

SHARP COB LED is made with ceramic substrate, which is good for Hi-Po testing. And SHARP LED Lighting is among the world's firts COB LED manufacturers.

CREE XHP35 is a extra high power SMD LED with very compact size. Please refer to CREE high power LEDs.

CITIZEN COB LED version 4, CLU036 series offers power output from 25W to 80W, with LES 17MM. So that you can design your LED lighting lamps with much more flexibity.

Bridgelux V22 COB LED Array is a generation 5 product, the power ranges from 50W to 100W, with LM80 report, and 5 years warranty. It has QR code on the bottom of sustrate. And you can recognize it easily and check out if it's real or fake product of Bridgelux.

Bridgelux VERO LED array is the 5th generation product. The VERO LEDs have good design, such as compact size, small LES(light emitting surface), Pico-EZmate Harness,  efficacy up to 130 lumens / watt, Color control within 2 and 3 SDCM, Solderless connect, wire harness to plug and Install, thermally isolated solder pads, Part number marking, and  QR code identificaiton.

cree cxa2520, power 20W-45W
philips certa driver, is a economic series for LED drivers.
bridgelux is a LED company from USA. with design house pattern as its development method.
Lumileds is a solid state lighting company in USA, and purchased by Philips Royal Lighting.
CITIZEN clu550 is the world's most power COB for the present, up to 590W.
Cree cxb3590 is CREE's most powerful COB LED, up to 130W.
bridgelux v13 is a new version of VERO 13 LED, featured with no solderless wire harness.
LED xhp70 CREE is a high power SMD LED, up to 20W.
cxa3590 CREE CXA series COB LED
cxb3050 CREE CXB series COB LED.
gw6tgbjc50c SHARP COB LED with tunable color adjustment.
Duris e2 is a OSRAM SMD LED, low power product.
Citizen clu046 features power range from 50W to 200W.
Cxb1820 by CREE LED COB.
Citizen clu026
CREE Xhp70
Gw6ngwjcs0c SHARP tunable LED.
Bridgelux, inc 
Cree led flighlight modules chip
Bridgelux vero 10
Street led lights
cięcie szkła cnc
Sharp cob led
Samsung lm561c SMD LED.
đèn led cao áp
bxrc-50g10k0-l-24 is a bridgelux VERO 29, 5000K CCT, and 90Ra CRI.
CXB 3590
Bridgelux led
Drivers led philips
Luxeon z uv, is a Philips Lumileds LED, ultra violet light led.
bridgelux v18, range from 30W to 60W.
Cree cxa2590