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  • Author:BLOOM SCX Ltd
  • Source:www.rugged.hk
  • Release on :2016-04-06

US BRIDGELUX Inc. Fifth Generation COB LED light source VERO series was originally developed at the end of 2012 released to market, in 2013 mass production supply. VERO COB light nexus, not only inherited the robust performance of the third generation of products, high reliability and superiro light quality at the same time, gave lighting designers bring new gospel. BRIDGELUX VERO LED light source, product development through BRIDGELUX chamber (Bridgelux Design House) careful work, get a superior design improvements, citing the LED support integration and plug-free solder wire interface terminals, specific optical positioning holes, positioning screw hole, di technological improvement of a variety of well-dimensional code identification, thermal separation pad and dual positive and negative circuit design. On the chip, VERO LED chip using a circular ring-shaped distribution, so that the whole LED light source more uniform and efficient color line. VERO LED technology platform while also greatly provide luminous efficiency, (3000K color temperature, for example) reach 110LM / W in 2012 and 2013 to reach 120LM / W, 2014 years to reach 130LM / W high-brightness light source products. In product certification, BRIDGELUX VERO LED through the whole series LM80 test report.

    BRIDGELUX VERO LED lighting product features from 3W to 80W, twice the current available chip LED lamp driver, and ensure product reliability, coverage brightness from 800lm to 20000lm lumen, color temperature from 2700K to select 5000K, CRI 70Ra provided , 80Ra, 90Ra (minimum value) and high CRI 97 other options. In the standard color temperature control range to achieve the above 3000K warm white, natural white 4000K, providing 3SDCM3 step MacAdam ellipse standards. 
    BRIDGELUX VERO LED light source lighting applications to meet the needs of different areas, including indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, and provide greater flexibility in lighting design. VERO LED technology platforms focus more on remodeling high-quality light quality, color tones real reduction. It provides customers with greater flexibility in use, using different current drive LED, enabling customers on cost and efficiency have more choices. High-density beam emitting surface designed to bring small, so small angle optical design is easier to control. At the same superior product engineering design VERO LED light source can greatly improve production efficiency LED lamps, but also to better control security inventory management.

US BRIDGELUX VERO ARRAY COB LED light source  generation 5 of integrated product model, parameters and applications.

The first part: BRIDGELUX VERO Series Series
BRIDGELUX COB VERO series LED light source is the United States BRIDGELUX flagship LED integrated light source products. BRIDGELUX advanced semiconductor technology to allow customers to have a strong competitive advantage. Vero LED light source through the integration of the LED support integration, and a solderless terminal interfaces on the COB, greatly simplifies lighting design and manufacturing sectors. VERO COB LED integrated light source emitting a total of four LES surface configured to engineering design considerations from the point of view on a wide range of current amplitude, to a large extent while increasing the flexibility and reliability,. VERO LED technology platform designed to achieve a high optical density, in order to improve light angle and precise lighting control, while providing a small color region 2SDCM, 3SCDM range control standards to achieve clean and highly consistent lighting quality.

BRIDGELUX VERO COB LED light source for general lighting applications, including commercial lighting, home lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting.
Color temperature and color rendering index CRI CCT covers CRI> 70> 80> 90Ra, 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, and 5000K.
BRIDGELUX COB LED Vero 10 series light source products -BRIDGELUX
BXRC-30E1000-B-2x 3000K 80RA
BXRC-30G1000-B-2x 3000K 90RA
BRIDGELUX COB LED Vero 13 series light source products -BRIDGELUX
BXRC-30E2000-C-2x 3000K 80RA
BXRC-30G2000-C-2x 3000K 90RA
BRIDGELUX COB LED Vero 18 series light source products -BRIDGELUX
BXRC-30E4000-F-2x 3000K 80Ra
BXRC-30G4000-F-2x 3000K 90Ra
BRIDGELUX COB LED Vero 29 series light source products -BRIDGELUX
BXRC-30E10K0-L-2x 3000K 80Ra
BXRC-30G10K0-L-2x 3000K 90Ra

The second part: BRIDGELUX Decor Series Series
Bridgelux Décor series is designed for high-end applications advantages designed COB LED light source, with a wide selection of colorful color rendering index, the LED light produce unparalleled quality. Is a kind of light and color can strongly influence the media and human support, and BRIDGELUX COB Decor Series Series LED light source can bring it feels pleasant tone of LED lighting in order to inspire people to keep more of life behavior.
DECOR Series is covered by a variety of segments of the COB LED light source lighting applications, including jewelry lighting, art gallery lighting, lighting fresh bread baking shop lighting, medical lighting. CCT color temperature and color rendering index CRI: covering CRI> 70> 80> 90Ra, 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, and 5000K.

(A) DECOR Vero 10 Ultra, DECOR Vero 13 Ultra, DECOR Vero 18 Ultra, DECOR Vero 29 Ultra series.
DECOR Ultra family provides ultra-high color rendering CRI 97Ra high color rendering, while R9 value of 98. With a color temperature range is 2700K, 3000K optional. Decor Ultra ultra remarkable series LED light source, pay attention to the human eye easily accept and red colors are best replaced by halogen products.
BXRC-30H4000-F-02 3000K 97Ra

(B) Décor Vero 10 Class A, Decor Vero 13 Class A, Decor Vero 18 Class A, Decor Vero 29 Class A
DECOR CLASS A product design is based on the results of the human brain to the color reaction test research. The integrated use of the GAI index and index CRI double metrics to design light color point. Therefore, Decor Class A Series LED light source is a highly user-friendly LED products, to become human perception most comfortable LED light source.
BRIDGELUX laboratory together other allies, first proposed the GAI index as a measure of light quality standards, in order to compensate for the shortcomings of the standard CRI. GAI criteria based on the human brain perceive light source mode setting, being able to accurately describe the human brain's perception of light and color, reflecting the overall effect of the light source and the light source color people perceive the subjective experience. CRI index and the index of double standards GAI use, more precisely, "humane" to describe the quality of the light source.
Color temperature scope: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, color rendering index CRI 93Ra power range is mainly:. VERO 10,10-20W; VERO 13: 16-36W; VERO 18 30-65W; VERO 29 80-130W;
BXRC-30A1001-B-23 3000K 93Ra
BXRC-30A2001-C-23 3000K 93Ra

(C) Decor Meat & Deli series Vero 18.
Decor 18 Decor 29 meat and fresh lighting series, mainly used in supermarkets and other places of fresh meat of lighting, improve product color, so that consumers have a strong desire to buy. Color temperature range 1750K 4SDCM, color area distributed under the blackbody curve.
BXRC-17E4000-F-24 1750K 80Ra
BXRC-17E10K0-L-23 1750K 80Ra

(Iv) Decor Food: Decor Vero 18 Bread & Bakery and Decor Vero 29 Bread & Bakery series.
Decor 18 Decor 29 food and lighting, Decor Bread design lighting color temperature is 2500K, CRI 80Ra. Mainly used in bakery, pastry shop and other lighting places.
BXRC-25E4000-F-24 2500K 80RA
BXRC-25E10K0-L-23 2500K 80RA

(V) Decor Vero 18 Specialty and Decor Vero 29 Specialty series.
Decor 29 special lighting, color temperature is 5600K, CRI color rendering index 90Ra. Lighting can be used in the medical field, providing high brightness flux with a high degree of color rendering index.
BXRC-56G4000-F-24 5600K 90Ra
BXRC-56G10K0-L-24 5600K 90Ra

Summary: the market share of the US BRIDGELUX Inc for COB LED light source is still relatively small, up to several other international brands COB light source. But BRIDGELUX has long working hard at COB LED commercial lighting market, and in Europe and the United States won a good reputation for quality and customer many diehard fans. This aspect also benefited from BRIDGELUX upstream LED chip wafer of semiconductor technology excellence, and provides a strong guarantee for quality COB LED. Although BRIDGELUX failed to flex its muscles in COB LED light source, like the United States like Career radical extension into the market, but we still believe that, BRIDGELUX have a very strong competitive strength to participate in the competition LED light source.