China Coffee Pot 1990 Iron exporter

Coffee Pot 1990 Iron

China Vacuum Flask 1991 Iron exporter

Vacuum Flask 1991 Iron

China Best Sell 1895 Stainless Steel exporter

Best Sell 1895 Stainless Steel

China Arabic Vacuum Flask 1897 Stainless Steel exporter

Arabic Vacuum Flask 1897 Stainless Steel

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1.0L, 1.3L, 1.6L and 1.9Lcapacity is available. This is stainless steel outer body with high quality glass liner. It can keep liquid hot or cold for 24 hours.

Bridgelux VERO, V series and H Series COB LED

Bridgelux Vero, V and H Series COB LED, offers high-quality light and optical uniformity in an unmatched robust platform. It has V6, V8, V10, V13, V15, V18, V22, Vero 10, Vero 13, Vero 18, Vero 29 series LED array, with Gen 5, Gen 6 and Gen 7 version.

Luminus LEDs

Luminus LEDs have the CXM LED, CHM LED, CVM LED and Hihg Power series, such as CXM-9, CHM-9, CXM-11, CHM-11,CXM-14, CHM-14, CXM-18, CHM-18, CXM-22.

PHILIPS LED Lighting, LED Drivers

PHILIPS LED Lighting has the LUXEON and CRISP series LED source. LED Drivers have the CERTA Drive, Xitanium,LED Driver and Certa Drive LPF series, DALI dimming driver.

SHARP COB LED Chip - Ceramic Substrate

SHARP COB LED Chip - Ceramic Substrate  is easy to pass Hi Pot testing.  Mega Zenigata, Mini Zenigata, Petite Zenigata: 4-6W, 7-10W, 9W-18W, 50W – 80W COB LED series delivers high brightness and eliminates issues that result from the use of multiple low-power LEDs in a luminaire. 

CITIZEN COB LED Series with CRI 80Ra 90Ra 97Ra

CITIZEN LED lighting is the first COB LED manufacturer. Our advanced knowledge and packaging technology for many years has excellent reliability and high quality of our products. CITIZEN COB LED chip series: CLU550, CLU058, CLU048, CLU038, CLU028, 1201, 1202, 1203,1204, 1205, 1206, 1208, 1210, 1212, 1812, 1818, 1825, 3626,CLU700, CLU710, CLU720, CLU730, etc.


CREE COB LEDs, CXA CXB Series LED Array, Cree LED Lighting, LED light source -- CXA1304, CXA1507, CXA1507, CXA1512, CXA1816, CXA1820, CXA1830, CXA2530, CXA2540, CXA3050, CXA3070, CXA3590; CXB1304, CXB1507, CXB1507, CXB1512, CXB1816, CXB1820, CXB1830, CXB2530, CXB2540, CXB3050, CXB3070, CXB3590,CXA2 Studio, 9V, 18V, 36V, 77V