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SHARP COB LED Chip - Ceramic Substrate

SHARP COB LED Chip - Ceramic Substrate  is easy to pass Hi Pot testing.
 Mega Zenigata, Mini Zenigata, Petite Zenigata: 4-6W, 7-10W, 9W-18W, 50W – 80W COB LED series delivers high brightness and eliminates issues that result from the use of multiple low-power LEDs in a luminaire. 


CITIZEN LED lighting is the first COB LED manufacturer. Our advanced knowledge and packaging technology for many years has excellent reliability and high quality of our products.

Bridgelux VERO, V series and H Series COB LED

Bridgelux Vero, V and H Series brings design flexibility, optical uniformity and optimization to luminaires, while reducing overall system costs. Each LED array includes an onboard connector port to enable solderless electrical interconnect, and simple mounting features for plug-and-play installation.  Vero LED lighting array offers high-quality light and optical uniformity in an unmatched robust platform. 


CXB LED Arrays

Higher performance to reduce system cost by up to 60%

The second generation of the CXB LED Arrays deliver up to 33% higher efficacy than the first generation in the same form factors as the previous generation. Utilizing elements of the Cree SC5 Technology™ Platform, this improvement in lumen density enables better performance and radically reduces system size and cost.

CXB LED arrays share the same physical design as the previous generation, allowing lighting manufacturers to leverage the existing optical, mechanical and electrical design elements to accelerate time to market without additional cost. LM-80 data is available for all CXA2 LED Arrays for lighting manufacturers seeking ENERGY STAR® qualification.

Available in 2-step, 3-step and 5-step EasyWhite® bins, CXA2 LED Arrays deliver system-level performance from 300 to over 19,000 lumens and can enable applications ranging from GU10s and commercial downlights to outdoor and high-bay lighting.


Small (≤14-mm LES) Standard-Density Integrated Arrays

Large (>14-mm LES) Standard-Density Integrated Arrays

CXA2 Studio Integrated Arrays